Waterproof Outdoor Cushions: Protect Your Patio from the Rain

waterproof outdoor cushions

The groundhog lied! Most of the country is still in the throes of winter but spring is just around the corner, isn’t it? Sing goodbye snow and hello rainy season!

Unless, of course, you live in a part of the country where it’s been raining all winter.

We’ve all had more water on our patios this year, whether in the form of rain or snow. And unless you’ve invested in waterproof outdoor cushion covers, your outdoor furnishings have probably taken a beating.

Are you’re wondering if, other than covering up the tables and chairs, there’s anything else you can do to keep the water at bay? We have your answers here! 

Keep reading to explore a few fresh ideas you can use for patio protection on those endless rainy days of late winter and spring.

Spring Clean Early

You can’t avoid the rain, but you can avoid the mess with regular patio maintenance.

Before the rainy season begins, check gutters and downspouts. If you haven’t cleared out the fall leaves and debris, do it now. Clogged gutters lead to patio floods!

This is a good time to make sure drains carry water away from your patio. If you have a covered patio, check for missing or broken tiles or shingles and replace them. This avoids water damage to outdoor furniture and grills.

You can also use alternative rain collection solutions like rain barrels or cisterns. Or get creative and create a rain garden!

Choose Finishes Wisely

When shopping for outdoor furniture, choose water-friendly finishes.

Your climate determines which finish works best. If you live in a coastal area where salty air agrees with you but not your patio furniture, choose marine-grade polymer tables and chairs.

Resin wicker creates a cozy, vintage look and wears well in wet conditions.

Aluminum is durable and rust-resistant but certain types are lightweight and may blow over easily in windy conditions. Cast aluminum wins for stability in rough weather.

Wood, although beautiful and strong, needs more TLC than other finishes in rainy climates.

No matter which finish you choose, you can make each piece your own with our protective cushion covers!

Wood You Like a Chair?

Let’s talk for a minute about wood patio furniture.

Wood furniture makes a statement. It’s both rugged and stunning. But since it’s biodegradable, it’s also prone to rot.

Start with pieces made of treated lumber. Other species that resist rotting are redwood, cedar, and teak. Even rot-resistant species don’t last forever and need some love.

Waterproofing wood patio furniture means sealing it completely before applying any finish. Then you can either paint or varnish. Plan on re-coating every year to keep it looking fresh. 

Wood, unlike polymer and aluminum, doesn’t withstand perpetual water and hates sitting in a puddle, so it’s best to move it out of the rain or cover it up completely during the rainy season. 

Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

The good news is that most of your patio furniture can coexist with a harsh, wet climate—so long as you protect it.

You’ve invested time and money in outdoor cushions that turn boring chairs into beautiful accent pieces. Most outdoor cushions get moldy and faded after just one rainy season. You either spend hours cleaning or you purchase new cushions. 

Luckily, there’s a third option: upgrade your cushions with some waterproof outdoor cushion slipcovers! 

What are Outdoor Cushion Slipcovers?

Slipcovers for your outdoor furniture cushions are removable cushion covers that allow you to easily change up your patio décor or hide faded, mildewed or otherwise damaged cushions, making them look brand-new. 

Our outdoor cushion slipcovers are fade and mildew-resistant and machine-washable. This makes keeping them clean a breeze, even in wet weather! 

Outdoor Cushion Covers to Wow

Give cushions years more life and add some excitement to your outdoor living space. Cushion covers come in fabrics and patterns to suit every style and taste. We’ll explore a few of our favorite cushion cover colors and patterns in the section below. 

If you want to keep things interesting, consider buying cushion covers in a few different colors and patterns so you can swap them out throughout the year. Imagine some festive red cushions for the holiday season, then some fun florals for spring! Your patio will never feel boring. 

Some of our Favorite Patio Cushion Covers

Below are a few of our favorite fade and mildew-resistant cushion covers to help get you inspired. These covers are super practical and great for rainy climates, yet don’t compromise on style or comfort! 

You can’t go wrong with solid-color cushion covers, especially with so many fun colors to choose from. One of our favorite colors for outdoor cushions is this deep Forest Green–it is easy to maintain and looks especially nice on patios surrounded by evergreen trees. 

If you’re after something classic, but a little more fun than solid colors, opt for some striped cushion covers. These Black Stripes cushion covers keep things simple yet classy and evoke a resort-like vibe. 

A small patio space with no real garden options can really be brightened up by adding some floral cushion covers to your patio furniture. These Forget Me Not cushion covers are one of our favorite floral prints.  

In addition to these classic prints, there are also some more abstract and unique patterns to choose from. For example, this wave-like Blue Surf pattern is artistic, eye-catching and will add a pop of personality to your patio. 

What’s on the Floor?

If you enjoy spicing up your boring old concrete patio with a rug, good for you! Just make sure you choose a water-resistant material.

Synthetic outdoor rugs can last season after season without much wear and tear.

Polypropylene rugs (also known as olefin) make an excellent choice for waterproof outdoor rugs. They’re also mildew-resistant.

Acrylic outdoor rugs release moisture quickly and are stain-resistant—a big plus for patio use.

These rugs all work well on wood decks or concrete and can withstand long stretches of rainy days.

It’s Called Patio Art

Patio décor isn’t complete without a few scene-stealing accent pieces. You’re only limited by your imagination—and the materials you choose.

Anything crafted from stone or glass works well on rainy patios. Ceramic comes in all colors of the rainbow and brightens up your outdoor space year-round. Terracotta makes a sturdy vessel or pot for plants, but statues are also made from this earthy, water-friendly material.

Steel sculptures are rust-resistant and, like pieces made from stone or ceramic, make wonderful art pieces for a patio in any climate.

Always popular, metal patio pieces, such as sculptures and table décor, can stay outside as long as they’re treated for rust-resistance.

Lastly, don’t shy away from canvas artwork. Did you know you can find outdoor art printed on waterproof materials? These pieces are durable and can withstand moisture and humidity.

Take Cover

If you don’t plan on using your patio for long stretches of time, you can always cover your furniture.

Take the extra step and invest in waterproof furniture covers. These work great for storing your patio furnishings in a shed or garage for the winter. Out of sight means out of mind for everyone except for pests and rodents looking for a warm winter hideaway. Waterproof covers can help keep critters, bugs, and dirt from ruining your outdoor pieces.

To make things more convenient, you can buy waterproof outdoor cushions that you can leave in place rain or shine, so long as you look after them. This way, you can still use your patio furniture when you have a sunny day during the winter.

Ready for Spring?

We hope these tips helped you figure out how you can easily waterproof your patio and your outdoor furniture.

Are you ready for spring? Why not waterproof your outdoor cushions before the new season begins?

Visit us here and discover a whole new look for your patio cushions.