How to Keep Your Patio Fresh With Custom Outdoor Cushions

custom outdoor cushions

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor furniture, you need to consider how you’ll use it, the climate you live in, and how much space you have.

By taking all these factors into account, you’ll be sure to select the perfect pieces for your lifestyle and tastes. Once you have your patio furniture, you want to keep it looking fresh. That means choosing stylish cushions that help to create a look for your outdoor space that’s just as personalized as your home’s interior.

What says personalized more than custom outdoor cushions with covers made especially for them? Read on to find out why they’re the best choice for your patio!

Say Goodbye to Poorly-Fitted Patio Cushions

From shoes to clothes to outdoor seat cushions, there’s nothing worse than a bad fit.
If your patio furniture is unique or customized, it can be hard to find cushions to fit the design. By choosing custom cushions, you can be sure that the fit will always be perfect, no matter what shape or size you need.

Maybe your patio chairs have tapered edges or you opted for a curved outdoor sofa. Whatever their design, custom cushions will fit your furniture as if they were the original cushions.
Custom cushions need covers that fit these cushions perfectly. Covers that are too big for your outdoor seat cushions tend to sag and look sloppy.

Trying to squeeze your cushions into covers too small for them is always a bad idea. Not only do they look unsightly, the cushions get bent out of shape and aren’t very comfortable to sit on. Plus, forcing cushions into small covers might even cause the cover to split, resulting in even more expense.

Our cushion covers easily slip over your existing cushions, and, as they’re stretchy and come with an adjustable elastic cord on the back, they create a form-fitting cover for each cushion.

Best of all, our customized covers are designed to fit the measurements of your cushions, no matter what custom size or shape they are. So you can be sure of a perfect fit every time.

Give Your Patio a New Look that Lasts

Custom cushions are perfect for personalizing your patio. As they are designed to fit your furniture, they provide a super stylish look as well as more comfortable seating.

If your custom cushions have seen better days, it’s great to spruce up your patio with new covers for an updated look. That said, you don’t want to have to replace your cushion covers every year. Especially if it was difficult to find the right size for your custom cushions in the first place.

This is why fade and mildew-resistant couch cushion covers are the best choice for your custom cushions. Our durable covers are designed to withstand the changing weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest. No matter where you live, your cushion covers will last for years to come.

Since our custom covers fit cushions in any shape or size, there will be no need to replace your custom cushions in the future.

Not only does this save you money, it’s also much better for the environment. Synthetic cushions often end up in landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose. So, giving your patio furniture a new look with custom cushions and covers that last is the best solution for you, and the planet!

Custom Cushions for Custom Outdoor Seating

These days, people are becoming more adventurous with their gardens and patios. Just as they want their home decor to reflect their personality, they want more for their outdoor space than the standard, basic designs of the past.

This desire for a personalized look has made unique swimming pool designs, original landscaping features, and custom seating more popular.

Of course, custom outdoor seating needs outdoor furniture cushions and covers that are tailor-made for the shape and design of the seating. Knowing that it’s possible to get custom covers means that when it comes to customizing your outdoor space, the only limit is your imagination!

A Perfect Match

Updating your patio with some new furniture is a great way to give your outdoor space a new look. Although you might already have a sofa or some chairs outside, some new additions will help you take your patio to the next level. Since staying in is the new going out, you’ll need the extra seating for summer house parties and gatherings.

It’s important to create a harmonized effect between the existing furniture and your new additions. After all, you wouldn’t buy new furniture for your living room that didn’t match the rest of your decor.

Custom outdoor seat cushions help to bring coordination to your outdoor seating area. This way you can be sure that all your cushions fit your furniture perfectly, allowing you to relax in comfort and style.

What’s more, knowing that you can find matching cushion covers that are customized to fit all your custom cushions makes everything much easier.

And since our cushion covers are easy to put on and economical, you can change designs with the seasons. Or, you could even show your patriotism at a Fourth of July house party with a set of stars and stripes covers. Whatever size your cushions and whichever designs you choose, a perfect match is always guaranteed.

Keep Your Patio Fresh with Custom Outdoor Cushions

If you have big plans for your outdoor space, custom outdoor cushions will keep your patio looking fresh and original.

With our wide range of couch cushion covers, you can be sure to find the perfect size and design every time.

For more information, or to request specialty covers for your custom outdoor seat cushions, contact us today!