Size Chart

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are made from stretchy poly spandex knit fabric and they have an adjustable elastic cord on the back making it possible to get a tight fit on any size cushions.  It can be confusing, but we’d be happy to help you decide which size is right for you, just send the dimensions of your cushion (how wide and long and how thick your cushion is) to [email protected].


                                                        Measurements are in inches

Size of the Cushion Cover

Measure the widest part of your cushion (it might be the length, it might be the width, or your cushion might be square with length and width being the same) and add the thickness of the cushion twice (remember, the cover has to go around both sides of the cushion), add another 2 inches for flexibility and that’s the size you need. Again, send any size questions to [email protected].

  • Small 21×21″
  • Medium 36×36″
  • Large 42×42″