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patio cushions clearance

This time of year is for packing up the delicate parts of the patio setup. It’s for other things too, but let us not get caught up in the back-to-school rush or drink so much eggnog that we forget to do that yearly chore of gathering our cushions and storing them safely until spring or, we hope, the occasional dry, sunny winter day.

All summer, stores and other sellers have been throwing all sorts of patio cushions at customers so we could enjoy the sun–but inevitably, many of them didn’t quite move the last of their inventory before autumn came, and so are holding patio cushions clearance sales. That’s great news if you need some outdoor cushions–but the rest of us just smile, remember those days, and toss our outdoor cushion covers in the wash.

This is one of those times when we get to enjoy some of the many benefits of our investment in patio cushion covers. We don’t have to scour sales and buy more patio cushions because our patio cushion covers keep our cushions in great shape year after year.

That means we get to keep our favorite patio cushions, which in turn means we also get to reduce the waste we generate. And that means more planet for patio parties when the summer comes back. It seems like the only reasons to forego patio cushion covers would have to be 1) you don’t know about them or 2) you don’t know you can get mildew-resistant, machine-washable ones.


Stop Hunting Patio Cushion Clearance Sales 

Look, cushions aren’t shoes or cars. Sure, they can be fun to shop for when you’re initially setting up your outdoor furniture arrangement, but a patio cushions clearance sale isn’t the kind of shopping experience you look forward to every year forever. That’s especially true if you have to drag yourself through the slush to an expensive brick-and-mortar store to (with luck) find what you’re looking for.

Buying new outdoor cushions every year is a drag on the budget too. Sure, it’s not a fortune–but who among us likes a money pit, large or small? Obviously, it’s much better to be able to reuse the cushions you already have.


Cushion Covers vs. Clearance Patio Cushions

The perfect solution is a mildew-resistant, machine-washable patio cushion cover for each outdoor cushion. It protects the cushion all summer so that the next summer, you can pull out those same, perfectly healthy cushions and use them again. You can even wash the patio cushion covers between uses during the summer, which is something you certainly can’t do with a bare, “disposable” cushion.

In fact, a good set of outdoor cushion covers enables you to pull your cushions out again during the wettest months without worrying about ruining them. If your covers are machine-washable and even resistant to that icky mildew in the first place, it’s no problem to stay comfy in your lawn chair all through Little Jimmy’s baseball practice.

And what a relief to be free of at least a little bit of wasteful consumption. Although there are ways to recycle them, gross and unusable cushions usually end up in the same landfills as all the rest of our garbage. And cushions aren’t made of leaves–they’re part of the problem. But once you invest in some solid outdoor cushion covers, you can stop at least a small part of that cycle, and go many more years before you need to throw out or recycle another cushion.


Start Shopping Today!

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers offer a wide and always-growing selection of outdoor cushion covers for every season. If you like to reflect what Mother Nature is putting out there, you might love some of our darker, solid covers like Navy. A little liveliness can go a long way though; maybe cheer things up with a print like Forget Me Not. Don’t forget those May flowers! They’re coming!

If you’re thinking ahead to next patio season, Seattle is a striking, modern print that might even start its own conversations–especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest! Of course, solids never go out of style and there’s always a little certain something to be said for going with the theme of the season but keeping it understated. Burgundy is a great choice if you want to provide a brighter environment for your next party but don’t necessarily need everyone to consciously notice and comment.

And always take a second to check out the Limited section. These are special, limited-edition colors and prints that aren’t always available. Maybe you’ll find one that gives you a reminder of the sun we miss so much during these months, or even of the tropics.

Don’t see your flavor? Give us a call to talk about a custom color or print of your own!


To Recap

The winter months are a good time to take advantage of patio cushions clearance sales, but an even better time to invest in patio cushion covers so you won’t have to keep on buying cushions, clearance or otherwise. Save yourself the shopping trip and the money!

Once you decide to invest in some outdoor cushion covers instead, you can do all the shopping from inside the comfort of your home. Waste is reduced all around, but your outdoor cushions are enhanced. You can even get a few different prints and colors to give the decorator deep inside you some options to work with.

And if you have your own ideas for what kinds of patio cushion covers you’d like to see when you look out your window or walk onto the patio, we just might even be able to bring them into reality! We’re a customizing company and will do our darndest to make your ideas work. Both when it comes to prints/colors and dimensions.

Have fun being the savvy shopper you are!