Fig Leaf Cushion Covers

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are slipcovers for your outdoor furniture cushions, allowing you to easily change your décor or to hide faded, mildewed or burned cushions, making them look like new.

What are Fig Leaf Cushion Covers

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are a way to update your outdoor furniture, save money on new cushions, and help the environment by not having to change your cushions regularly that end up in a landfill.

How does it work?

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers slip over your existing cushions. They’re made of a very stretchy poly spandex and have an adjustable elastic cord on the back to create a form fitting cover for each cushion. They’re washable, fade and mildew resistant and easy to put on and economical making it possible to change designs with the seasons, for special events or to show your team spirit.

Can I Use these On Any Cushions?

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers fit most standard cushions and are very adjustable to create a tight fit. We make Fig Leaf Cushion Covers in the United States, so we can easily and quickly make specialty sizes, just send us the dimensions of your cushions and we’ll take it from there.

Why Should I Use Fig Leaf?

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are not only less expensive and better for the environment than replacing your existing cushions, they are also more stylish and comfortable, fade and mildew resistant, and machine washable so they always look great.

Less Expensive

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are a fraction of the price of replacement cushions.

Variety & Style

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers offer far more design options than cushion manufacturers can and with our economical price and ease of use, its possible to change your outdoor décor often.

Help the Planet

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers keep cushions out of landfills. Reduce, reuse, recycle.