Waterproof Outdoor Cushion Cover Prints

Our waterproof cushion covers come in a wide variety of fun prints to give your outdoor spaces more practicality and personality.

Our new waterproof cushion covers are even more durable and long-lasting than our standard cushion covers, making them the perfect solution for rainy climates or poolside patio furniture. Made with TheOttertex® canvas printed oxford fabric (600x600 denier, and 100% polyester.) with a plastic PVC backing and waterproof coating, these cushion covers will provide maximum protection for your outdoor furniture. With mold and UV-resistant qualities, this fabric is highly durable and will hold up against all kinds of elements. These removable, waterproof cushion covers will make it easy for you to maintain your outdoor furniture and keep it looking beautiful throughout the year. The whimsical and classic prints we offer will add a pop of color and excitement to your outdoor spaces. Check out our solid waterproof colors for even more options and feel free to mix and match!