Our print cushion covers are perfect for seasonal trends with a little bit of style based on your unique taste!

Poly-knit slipcovers are easy to put on and simple to keep clean as they are machine washable. Large, small, black and white, colored, plaid, or mixed...No matter the style, there is nothing quite as classic as florals and stripe designs. A small patio space with no real garden options could really be brightened up by adding some floral cushion covers to your patio furniture. The flowers may not be real, but they'll bring life to the area all the same! In a space that already has a garden, floral cushion covers would only enhance the beauty of the plants already in the space. Our striped designs are perfect if floral isn't quite your taste. There are horizontal, vertical, small, large, and plaid. One of the fantastic things about florals and stripe designs is how well they complement each other. You can buy some florals and some stripes and mix and match your cushions. There are endless possibilities! You could change the arrangements whenever you feel the need for mix it up, instead of buying a whole new set of cushions. We also have some beautiful options to change with the seasons. Warmer colors for the spring and color colors for the fall. Options for every style!

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