Protect Your Outdoor Cushions Over the Holiday Season

There are a couple of different ways to protect your outdoor patio cushions during the winter season.  The best way depends on where you live. In New York, Chicago, or Minneapolis, basically anywhere in the deep cold, will be very different than the Pacific northwest or Florida.

The best thing to do in the northern parts of the country with severe cold is store everything inside.  There is no covering that will protect from the strong winters that will happen in the northern states.

However if live with a rainy, temperate winter, you should use a plastic cushion cover.  This will keep out mold and increase life of your cushions by a considerable amount. The most effective way to keep mold out of your outdoor cushions is to allow the least amount of air into your cushion covering as possible.  There are numerous companies that make covers that slip over the entire outdoor chair, or outdoor love seat, but don’t wrap around each outdoor cushion. This is where the fig leaf cushion cover UV protector cover comes in handy.

If you live in the south you will not have to deal with the a for mentioned uses. Even though the warmer states don’t have this problem, the sun can be an even bigger problem.  Any fabric will fade in direct sunlight.  For this you will also want a UV protective cover, especially during extreme heat waves.

Products to Store Your Patio Cushions


Fig Leaf UV Protector

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers UV protective cover might be a good fit for your protection needs, but maybe there is a better fit.  This is an all weather protective cover that works very well if you want to leave your cushions on the furniture for the winter season.  Feel free to contact us if you need a sample!

Other products on the market that can help with your storage needs if you need to store your furniture cushions are this cushion bag by Terrazzo.

Classic Accessories

These will work better for garage or indoor storage.

The last piece is a cover that goes over your entire furniture setup.  This works well in certain scenarios but does have its downfalls, in particular there will still be a considerable amount of moisture getting to your cushions in humid weather.  Here is a 3 seat couch cover.