Replacement Cushions or Slipcovers: What You Need to Know

When is it time to replace your old cushions?


There are numerous reasons why you will need to replace your cushions over the years but the frame for your outdoor furniture is still in great shape.  After a couple of seasons they will have stains, cuts in the fabrics, or fading from years of sun.  But, if you keep up with proper cushion maintenance such as, storing them in a dry spot or in a plastic bag in the winter and bring your cushions inside during extreme weather.  You might also want to simply update your color or style of

cushion. If you plan on updating your outdoor living spaces and introducing new colors, then picking out cushion covers is a smart move. Doing so allows you to redecorate without having to spend money on new outdoor furniture or cushion inserts.


What style of cushions do I have?


Single Seat: This is the cushion that will be sat on, and can come in square, iron, round, curved, wicker, and deep styles.

Hinged Chair: The seat and back are connected in a single, hinged cushion. They can be used in chairs that need padding both on the seat and the back. Most hinged chairs have high backs.

Bench: Bench cushions are typically used for sofas and loveseats. Larger furniture pieces like sofas and sectionals are great at seating bigger gatherings in comfort. s

Hinged Chaise: Chaise lounges have a longer seat and a reclining back. Cushions for this furniture type have a longer seat area and a hinge seam for where the seat meets the back.


How do I maintain my cushions and covers?

Limit exposure to direct sunlight to keep the fabric vibrant as UV rays are very damaging to all materials.

Store your cushions in winter or rainy season by cleaning and making sure they are completely dry before storing them in a dry place.

Covers provide more flexibility as they can be removed and cleaned separately.

Scotch guard or a UV protector spray can extend the life of the cushions or cushion covers.

How to measure your cushions?

If you have decided that you need replacement cushions or cushion covers because you are updating your furniture,  they are slightly worn down, or you just want to add some brilliant colors you will get to get a proper fit.  Just grab a measuring tape and…

  • For width, measure from the right side of the cushion to the left in three different areas, like the front, middle, and back of the cushion.
  • To get the depth, or thickness, of your cushion, measure from bottom to top.
  • Find the height of your cushion by measuring from top-to-bottom (for back cushions) or back-to-front (for seat cushions).

Do I need replacement cushions or slipcovers?

You will need replacement cushions if you have a great frame and the cushions are in to much disrepair that you would feel as well see. Also, the covers are damaged but the foam is still good, it is possible to have them re canvased but it is more costly than new cushions.

You will want replacement slipcovers if you have stains or wear and tear on the edges.  If you want to add some color and match a color scheme in your backyard space the possibilities are vast. Cushion covers great if you have pets and want something that is washable during the shedding seasons.  Cushion covers will also protect new cushions and extend the life while doing it in the exact colors or styles you choose.