5 of Our Favorite Patio Furniture Covers for Summer

patio furniture covers

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to dust off those outdoor cushions and get that patio ready! ‘Tis the season of reunions, barbeques, just relaxing and reading outdoors, and all manner of enjoying summer sun.

If the patio furniture covers you already have are from Fig Leaf, chances are you don’t need any new ones… but it’s always fun to look, right? Maybe it’s time to complete a set or to acquire a set for some special occasion; maybe you just like some of these as much as we do and deserve to splurge a little!

Come along and take a tour of 5 of our favorite patio furniture covers for the summer.

1. Spiro



If you’re a modern woman, chances are you have at least one item–a dress? a swimsuit? a tablecloth?–that bears some kind of cute, fun tropical print. Chances are good, too, that your mother, grandmother and your daughter have all had at least one.

But the special thing about Fig Leaf’s Spiro print is its modern, hand-drawn flower design. It sort of looks like you came home from Hawaii and couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty it was there, so you just had to sketch some of the flowers you saw.

And who knew black and blue could combine for such an undeniably tropical print for a patio furniture cover? The black mixes with that perfect shade of sky blue to bring up images of romantic tropical nights under the stars dancing, enjoying a campfire, or whatever else the spirit might move you to do!

If you see yourself using your patio furniture covers predominantly in the afternoons or evenings, say for dinner parties, this may be the perfect print for you!

patio furniture covers



2. Pacific Floral

It really is true that April showers bring May flowers. Thankfully, it’s also true that many May flowers are usually still around in June and July! Our Pacific Floral print is a different take on a beachy, lush summer paradise. It evokes flower picking rather than hula–just the thing if you live on America’s Pacific coast! Instead of distant travel, the Pacific Floral patio furniture cover makes you want to stroll through a garden and enjoy your home.


Appropriately, relaxing at home will be an easy task with soft, covered patio furniture. How satisfying to see your friends and family all comfortably enjoying each other’s company on your seats, carefully prepared for their arrivals.

patio furniture covers


3. Putty


Maybe prints aren’t your thing. Whatever you like, there is no doubt that keeping things simple–whatever that means at the time–is just about always the best choice. If you’re looking for a patio furniture cover that doesn’t attract attention to itself but is still in line with the summer theme, Putty may be your move.

It’s still a color that reminds one of the great outdoors. In fact, it might remind one most especially of a fun day trip to the beach where you can walk barefoot along the shore and feel that summer sand in between your toes.

Meanwhile, the Putty cover is subtle enough that if a summer rain hits while you’re using it, it won’t look like it got all dressed up for the wrong occasion. Heck, if you have good overhead shelter, you might just enjoy sitting out there and watching the rain, smelling the rich fragrances it brings with it!

patio furniture covers


4. Forest Green


Our Forest Green patio furniture cover is a beautifully deep, almost bluish green. It’s like if you extracted the color from the darkest, thickest, healthiest grass. If you’re lucky enough to live in or near a lush forest, this cover is the perfect compliment to your environment. If, like most of us, you don’t get to look out your window at so many evergreens and ferns, you can still capture at least a little of that feeling with an earthy patio furniture cover like this one.

The Forest Green is simple and unassuming but a pretty enough hue to be memorable, even if not consciously. Like a little black dress, it’s perfect for the host who appreciates a little understatement. It may just get you an unexpected compliment or two. “Oh, this? I just liked the color. I’m glad you do too!”

patio furniture covers


5. Backyard Picnic


Many of us don’t have that classic picnic table tablecloth like our parents or grandparents might have had. We probably also don’t have that charming, classic picnic basket with the checkered lining. And that’s great; if we did, the Backyard Picnic print patio furniture cover might be too much. But in this modern world of high-end patio tables and self-serve patio bars, just a touch of the old days in a new place can be all that’s needed to perfect the atmosphere.

In contrast to the Spiro and Pacific Floral prints, the Backyard Picnic patio furniture cover evokes images of just what you’re doing–sharing a meal with friends in the great outdoors. Why travel to the tropics or the coast when you can have that right here? If you caught yourself smiling a bit when you saw the picture of the Backyard Picnic print, that’s a signal that owning at least one of these might make you just a little bit happier.

patio furniture covers

Get Ready for Refreshed Patio Furniture Covers this Summer!

Whether it’s time for new ones or just to give the old ones a good wash before starting to use them again, your patio furniture covers go a long way toward making every gathering an uplifting one. Take a browse and see if there are any colors or prints that inspire you to get out there. And if you have a special cushion that requires custom dimensions, send us an email!

Whatever you choose, see you on the patio!