7 Trendy, Modern Patio Furniture Ideas for Your Backyard

modern patio furniture

Once you have your seat cushions covered with Fig Leaf, it’s time to populate and accessorize your backyard and patio area. What seats will the cushions go on? What table will everyone gather around? What will you do for light when the sun goes down? How comfortable and at home will your guests feel? Answering all these questions and more is half the fun of setting up your patio!

Whereas our decorating ancestors were restricted to what was available at their local stores, today we have the privilege of surfing the web until we find just the right modern patio furniture and ordering it to be delivered right to our doorsteps. This article will highlight 7 of our favorite items we’ve seen recently.


Alumilux Al Sconce

Why go all-out and find the best modern patio furniture if no one can see it? There are all sorts of ways to light your party area, but somehow this category of patio furniture often gets overlooked.

The Alumilux Al Sconce is perfect for a patio that’s near an outside wall of your house, a retaining wall, or any other upright surface that can be connected to your home’s regular wiring. It can be rotated to control the cast of its light and its sleek, machine-precision edges along with the fact that it’s impervious to normal rain practically screams modern.


Flo Fire

A fireplace is one of the great mainstays of classic as well as modern patio furniture. Not only is it beautiful, but it also provides warmth while supplementing your light sources. The Flo Fire is especially nice because, with roughly a foot on either side of the flames, it does all of that while also providing a safe surface to serve from and dine on.

It’s also portable. At 171 pounds, it can be lifted and relocated to any part of the yard by just two people, one on each end. We think it’s perfect for setting near the Alumilux above as their shapes compliment each other perfectly, but to each their own.


Cottlesloe Outdoor Rug

Rugs don’t go outside; that’s why we put them there. A (relatively) clean, outdoor rug is one of the most powerful subconscious signals, along with a few of your favorite outdoor blankets, that when we’re here, we’re cozy. An outdoor rug like the Cottlesloe provides a space to sit on the ground and even kick your flip-flops off without worrying about stepping on splinters in the deck or bees in the grass.

That coziness is another bit that distinguishes modern outdoor furniture from the pieces of yesteryear. In the past, people built houses and went indoors to feel comfortable; they tended their gardens and went for hikes to experience the less-forgiving outdoors. But over the years, we humans have figured out how to mix the best of both beautiful worlds with items like this hemp-and-wool rug, which readily compliments a Flo Fire or whatever other modern patio furniture you find.


Rolling Cooler Cart

Like an outdoor rug, a rolling cooler–especially this gem–is a piece of modern patio furniture which instantly indicates that just because we’re outside doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy luxury. It’s off the ground as well so anyone can use it, even your older or disabled friends and relatives.

It’s lightweight, sports two toplids, and even comes with a preinstalled bottle opener. And it rolls even more easily if it’s on top of an outdoor rug.


Orr Indoor/Outdoor Wall Hooks

These handy hooks, made out of 100% recycled consumer materials, slide along their mounting board to adapt to whatever you want to hang on them.  They’re perfect for hanging next to a wall-mounted light to store towels for use after the hot tub, just inside the door for hats and coats, and even throughout your home for a consistent, of-a-set look.

They even come in three different colors so you can adapt them to the decor of the area they hang in while keeping that consistent, deliberate look.


Acapulco Egg Outdoor Chair

Not every piece of patio furniture needs to be in service of the table and dining. What a perfect accent piece this egg chair is–for diners as well as guests in other parts of the party. It’s another item which, at first glance, looks like it belongs inside–but this hearty piece of modern patio furniture, made of steel and PVC cord–can keep up outside during any weather that allows for a patio party.

Try ordering two for a themed look; it comes in pink or black and as such, can complement the Orr hooks above quite nicely. Egg chairs aren’t for every spine–but for those of us who enjoy them, they are wonderfully comfortable. What a great alternative to dining chairs and sofas for your guests to enjoy their after-dinner coffee–or for you to take a rest when working in the garden!


Burmese Rattan Pitcher

Some pieces of modern patio furniture silently make lasting impressions, no matter what is happening around them. This 50 oz. rattan pitcher is one of those special pieces. It’s insulated like a thermos so it can be used to serve margaritas, iced tea, or even coffee–and its covering is handwoven, which makes every unit unique.

If you want something that will make the savvier of your friends perk up and ask, “My goodness, where did you get that?” this is it. Perfectly blending the old-world organic feeling with modern capabilities, this is sure to be an instant favorite–and it can even be brought inside to use between parties!


Oh, What Fun it is to Decorate

Enjoying a backyard with a patio is one of the exquisite pleasures of modern house living. And today, we can do it more cozily than ever. Get out there and find your perfect modern patio furniture! And when it comes to outfitting your seats to stand up to use, weather, and time, drop Fig Leaf Cushion Covers a line to see what our sustainability-focused boutique company can do for you.