Outdoor Furniture You and Your Pets will Love

Choose the Right Frame Material

There are 3 main materials that are used in patio furniture.  If you have a puppy dog or cat, you will want a material that animals are not attached to for scratching or chewing.  The newest growing trend is wicker furniture, and this is not a great option.  It is a natural thing to chew on for dogs, and to sharping claws for cats.  Stick with a aluminum, wrought iron,  or wood.

The Right Cushions and Covers

While you may have to be picky about the frames of our patio furniture when you have pets, the cushions are a little different.  They are made to withstand even the harshest elements, so they can definitely handle your pooch.  Whichever cushion you choose, it will be low maintenance and will only require a garden hose to keep clean (you can spot treat stains with a diluted mild dish soap). That being said, we would still stay away from lighter colors for your own sanity.  For another level of washable protection you can use cushion slipcovers.  Fig Leaf Cushion Covers provides this with a washable slip cushion cover that is easy to put on, take off, and clean with minimal effort.  Your cushions will gain a lot of life with this option.

Proper Placement for Your Patio Furniture

While you are outside enjoying the sun, it’s important to remember that dogs can overheat very quickly. To help keep your beloved pet cool, place your patio furniture where it gets shade for much of the day.  You can put in an awning for covering during the rainy season, or for shade from the sun also. Easily extend it when your pet is too hot, and then effortlessly close it when needed.  If an awning is too much of a commitment, a stand-alone umbrella can provide your dog with ample shade to keep his core temperature down.

Remember the Water

Set up your animal with plenty of water while having outdoor fun.  Since your new patio furniture means you will spending a lot of time outside, you can use a small plastic pool that is used for toddlers.  Not only will your little fella love the plentiful hydration, he might even want to take a little dip.