Trendy Outdoor Pillows to Accent Your Patio

outdoor pillows

For the spring and summer seasons, your patio and backyard and make for a magical experience.

Adding the right outdoor pillows to our patio furniture can add to the magic.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the different styles and colors for adding outdoor pillows to your patio vibe!

Summer Seating

If you’re going to go through the trouble of washing the cushion covers, opening the canopy, and giving the table a wipedown, let’s make sure you get the best payoff for your effort.

It’s always good to keep at least one outdoor pillow for every other chair around the patio table, and preferably one per chair. Some nice, sturdy outdoor pillows can go a long way toward making your favorite summer meals as relaxing as they are fun.

One exciting way to go about it is to find some fabulous outdoor pillows and match this season’s cushion covers to them. You could opt for a matching set of pillows or, if you’re up to it, go eclectic and get a unique but similar pillow for every seat! The pillows will be conversation starters and the asymmetry will add a trendy, woke-up-this-pretty kind of look.

Solid Outdoor Pillows

If you find your dream solid-print pillows, you may be after a consistent, dignified (though not boring!) look. Try a simple, complementary solid color for the cushion covers. You almost can’t go wrong this way–the sun is only one color and nobody accuses it of being dull or boring!

If solid-on-solid isn’t your thing, look for a print that compliments the pillow, but doesn’t contain the exact color of the pillow. This gives a really nice feeling of completeness.

Striped Outdoor Pillows

Solid colors are so versatile that any pillow with stripes can coordinate with a solid cushion cover of the right color.

For the stripes-on-stripes look, the only really important rule is to make sure the pillow doesn’t look like it was trying to match its cushion cover. For an example, consider pairing this cushion cover with the striped pillow behind the link above. The respective designers clearly didn’t know each other or collaborate, but gray goes so well with rusty orange–and the stripe patterns are different enough to not encroach on one another, but similar enough to capture similar energies.

Printed Outdoor Pillows

Now the world opens up. If you’re going for the eclectic, thrown-together-remarkably-well look, print pillows are your jam. You might even put together a rotating collection! If this is the case, versatile cushion covers are key. Not so busy that they take attention from their pillows, but not so solid or dark that the pillows seem to disappear into them.

Consider this little number sold by World Market, on top of Fig Leaf’s Pacific Floral cushion cover. The cover is busy but consistent, and compliments the colors of the pillow nicely without looking like they were meant for each other. Like a mature couple that met late in life, perhaps.

Custom Cushion Covers

If you discover the stars of your outdoor-pillow game and can’t find a set of cushion covers that pair just right–or if you have a whole scheme in mind that’s not available normally!–send us a message. Since we make all our products right here in the United States, it’s easy for us to create and ship a custom cushion cover quickly, to anywhere in the country.

We’re always hard at work creating new patterns and prints, and relish the chance to see what our customers do with them–whether they embellish on their outdoor pillows, canopy design, or anything else to do with durable, affordable outdoor seating!

Do Summer Right

There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer afternoon or evening with loved ones. What a privilege of life to be able to be the one gathering them together and hosting the festivities. There is a special satisfaction that comes from planning everything to the last detail and seeing it work. There’s no better proof than the smiles on your guests’ faces.

It’s remarkable how the little things can help so much. Remembering to pick up that extra bag of ice, hanging a string of lights above the patio, outfitting the seats with their perfect outdoor pillows–it’s all part of letting your guests know that when they’re with you, they’re taken care of.

This summer, as you’re browsing Fig Leaf’s updated catalogs and envisioning your perfect summer gathering, take a minute to think about some outdoor pillows to add support for a tired spine or pad an armrest for maximum curl-up-ability. If your guests don’t thank you with their words, they will with their smiles, their laughs, and their love.