Our Favorite Swivel Patio Chairs for Your Backyard

swivel patio chairs

What kind of patio chairs will be best for your patio? While there is no one-size-fits-all way to answer this question, there are a few more specific questions to ask that can help. For example, what purposes will these chairs serve (dining, conversing, lounging, tanning, etc.)? That is, what features would make each type of seating most effective at its job?

One handy feature you’ll find on many styles of patio chair is the swivel. Like other patio chairs, swivel patio chairs can be found with and without cushions, as dining chairs, as conversation seating, and as all manner of other patio chairs. They can also be found in all types of patio chair material. Below, we’ll take a look at this oft-unsung feature of some of the most comfortable patio chairs on the market.


Benefits of Swivel Patio Chairs

The first and, depending on your needs, potentially foremost benefit of shopping for swivel patio chairs is that, while you’re shopping,  you get to say the word “swivel” many more times per interaction than in normal life. “I’m looking for a swivel chair.” “Yes, but do you have that one in swivel?” “It’s going to be for swigging swill whilst reveling in civil summer frivol.”

The other, perhaps less obvious major benefit of a swivel patio chair is that any swivel-seat sitter can instantly become like the Bruce Lee of conversations. To the friend on your left: “Yes, I agree; very interesting.” Now, swiveling with withering speed rightward: “Ah, of course! What a deceptively simple riddle!” Whereas a stationary patio dining chair necessitates wiggle after strenuous wriggle, a swivel patio chair avoids that whole pickle by giving the user control with but a fast flick of the feet.

What you’re really hoping for is a coming-together of the two top benefits of swivel patio chairs. You’ll be fielding swivel-related comments and compliments from one direction while easily holding a conversation of your choosing anywhere from, say, 45° to 90° toward the other direction.


Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs

Now, once you begin looking, you may find that there is a veritable bevy of swivel patio chair choices. So if you’d like to narrow the field of options–while taking your swivel game to another level–consider a swivel rocker patio chair.

When dinner is over and the purely social hour has made its arrival, there are few things better than leaning back with your dessert or beverage and catching up with a friend or two from a nearly zero-gravity position. Not only that but when the talkers become walkers and make their respective departures, you may find your smiling self sighing softly and sinking into your swivel rocker patio chair, floating off to knock-out land.

If you are looking for a swivel rocker patio chair that can support the sleep of a satisfied socialite’s soul, consider the South Beach Gray Sling by Home Styles. Especially with a small pillow and a surface–table, end table, ottoman, etc.–to rest your feet on, this may be your ticket to a gentle waking in the quiet night air followed by a contented pad to bed.


Swivel Wicker Patio Chairs

Let us bear in mind, it’s important to refrain from getting so focused on function that you forget about the fineries of form. Your friends love you but they’re a savvy bunch; if all your patio furniture is in the wicker style, for example, and your cool new swivel chair looks like a vinyl Nike swoosh, it’s not as if they won’t notice the contrast.

Thankfully, swivels come on all sorts of patio chair and if wicker is your look, it’s easy to extend that look with a swivel wicker patio chair. Often, both the frame and the cushions come in a variety of colors and designs. Of course, if you don’t find the cushion color you’re hoping for, it’s easy to remedy that with a custom cushion cover.


Aluminum Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs

All of that being said, everything doesn’t have to sport the same look. Especially if there’s a clear distinction between the two areas, a nice effect can be achieved by setting up a conversation section with say, all wicker furniture, and making the dining area consist of heavier, sturdier, more permanent pieces. If you populate your dining table with cast aluminum swivel rocker patio chairs, for example, you can remove the cushions after the party and toss a large cover over the whole thing. Unless a serious storm comes along, cast aluminum should be just fine staying put outdoors, especially with a cover over it.

Alternatively, you can opt for extruded aluminum swivel rocker patio chairs (also called “hollow aluminum” or simply “aluminum rocker patio chairs”) and easily relocate them at your whim. This can make it easier to create a conversation area away from the table after dinner on a budget, and to move your chairs into covered storage to avoid damage.


Swivel Patio Chairs with Cushions (and Covers!)

We know that many patio chairs–swiveling and stationary alike–don’t come with cushions. Don’t let that keep you from buying your favorite pieces! It’s easy to source your own custom cushions and water-resistant, custom cushion covers. You might even end up with higher quality parts if you go that route.

In fact, even if you do end up getting your hands on some beautiful swivel patio chairs with cushions, it can still be a good idea to protect them with your own cushion covers. This both ensures that you know how many storms and spills your cushions can take and frees you up to change the look of your seating area without buying new furniture, or even new cushions.

Have fun on your search for the perfect swivel patio chairs! We look forward to hearing about them and helping you pick out the perfect patio chair cushion covers!