Colors for Fall Patio Decor

Autumn and the holidays within it are here.  Since we will be having more gatherings of close family and friends this year, and less going out on the town, your outdoor set up will be the perfect way to still have a enjoyable Halloween and Thanksgiving.  With a few simple changes in our lives we can still have enjoying and memorable moments even though this year has been different than others.

Holidays and Events

Even though many of us are still wary about going to public events,  we still have numerous things to celebrate at home.  Besides the big ones, Halloween and Thanksgiving, there is also every Sunday to have folks come to your outdoor party and catch up with the people close to you.  If you don’t enjoy football it is a great reason to see each other.  Arrangements of flowers and foliage along with your furniture in autumn colors such as rich red, brown, yellow, and orange also make for an attractive display. When serving food, a menu with a variety of colors, like a charcuterie plate and some red wine, will add to the overall ambiance.

   Beautiful Fall Nights

These next couple of months are the most pleasant for most of the country at night.  They are perfect for cookouts, fire pits, and with a beautiful bit of lighting, make for wonderfully romantic nights. The soft, warm glow of candlelight creates an enchanting table setting. Eliminate the mess of dripping wax or the hazard of an open flame by using battery-operated LED candles. Another option is to use early white holiday lights or luminaries to create visual gold centerpieces, while string lights provide more ambient light for a dramatic scene.

Outdoor Furniture


Wooden, rustic, outdoor furniture always looks great during the cool, crisp months.  When this is match with the color of some corn stocks, pumpkins, and decorative squashing it reminds of of the great year that we just traveled through.  The yellows, orange and reds also prepare us for the upcoming winter and the brightness dies away and we are ready to renew again.  At this point I am rambling so I will leave you with a couple of the best colors that I have for your area.  Rust, Black, and Dark Red