A Vibrant Patio: 8 Stunning Color Ideas for Your Backyard Chair Seat Covers

chair seat covers

You walk outside onto your patio, ready to sit down under the warm sun in a cool autumn breeze and crack open a good book. The only problem? Your patio furniture could use some sprucing up.

The chairs themselves look great. It’s the chair seat covers that are the problem. They’re ragged, faded, and losing their comfort.

It’s time to make a change. Your home environment affects your mood, so it’s important to keep up with it!

Read on for new backyard chair seat cover and patio color ideas and inspiration!

A Word on Color Psychology

Before you pull the trigger on a color you love just because you love it, it might be a good idea to consider the psychology of color first. Studies have shown that color actually has the power to influence our thoughts and behavior.

In one study, a cool-toned streetlight actually reduced crime over a warm-toned one. In another, sports players wearing black jerseys were more likely to receive penalties during a game. In yet another, warm-toned placebo pills were found more effective than cool-toned pills.

This should inform your decision about your new chair seat covers and your patio colors in general. Certain colors can affect your (and your guests’) moods differently. Taking the psychology of color into consideration is the only way you can truly craft your dream patio, where you feel exactly the way you want to feel while you’re hanging out there.

Shades of Red

What do you use your patio for mostly? Do you love to entertain there in the evening? Do you want your patio to feel warm and inviting for guests?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then red chair seat covers are for you. The warmth of the color is known to invite you in, which is why many interior designers use it at the end of foyer hallways.

If there’s no better evening to you than slicing up a few wedges of cheese and popping a bottle (or three) of a nice Burgundy, then opt for dark red chair seat covers. The color is more sophisticated than a bright red while still maintaining that warmth, which will pair perfectly with your refined palate.

If you want a more festive, feisty vibe while still maintaining that inviting warmth, opt for tomato red chair seat covers. These would pair beautifully with a few strings of market lights and a raucous game night!

For a girly take, mix and match pumpkin-toned and light pink chair seat covers at the table. They’ll still feel warm without the fiery energy of a bright red. They’ll also add a sweeter, more feminine energy to your patio.

Regardless of which shade of red you choose, red is one of those outdoor patio color schemes that begs for a party. String up some lights, pull out your bar cart, get a crock pot full of buffalo chicken dip going, and call your friends.

Blue for Majestic Mornings

Can you not start your day until you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee outside on your patio? Maybe you’re a morning journaler; you simply need to get all your thoughts out in the morning before you can start working. Yoga never felt better than in the breeze on the patio in the morning.

You, morning lover, need a different colored chair seat cover to suit your tastes. Cool tones, which inspire productivity, are likely to speak to you best in the morning.

For the true morning person, a sky blue patio color scheme is perfect. These seat covers, the same color as the endless sky above, will inspire you to consider the limitless possibilities of the day ahead.

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s tough to head to work in the morning. We need a little reminder of why we do it, like the tropical vacation ahead. Remind yourself with a chair seat cover that embodies the same color as the Pacific ocean, or a tropical floral print.

For a blue that translates to nighttime hosting as well, opt for a darker shade which will look great by the light of your tiki torches!

Keep it Classic

There’s never been as classic of a color pairing as black and white. All the best interior designers know it. Color is fun, but black and white stands the test of time.

Opt for classic white chair seat covers to transform your patio into a Hamptons-style vacation spot. The best part about this pairing? It never goes out of style!

Choosing white doesn’t mean you can’t add pops of color in other areas, either. Set your outdoor dining table with bright napkins. You can also DIY your own colorful tiki torch flames to add unique pops of color all over!

Purple for Luxury

Does the color purple feel luxe and elegant to you? If so, you’re not alone. It’s actually associated with luxury and royalty.

In the middle ages, purple dye was incredibly rare and expensive. It was reserved only for royalty. Queen Elizabeth the First actually forbade commoners from wearing the color (not that they could get their hands on it anyway!).

If you want to feel like royalty on a budget, stick to a purple color scheme in your patio. Purple seat covers have a gorgeous, jewel-tone quality to them that is a treat to walk outside to and appreciate.

Not only that, but the color holds up well to fading since it’s so rich. They’re also dark enough to hide wine spills, a major bonus for entertainers!

Picking Your Chair Seat Covers

Your home is your palace. It’s your sanctuary, your haven, and your comfort away from the chaos of the world. Take the time to design it to reflect your personality instead of choosing any color.

In doing this, you’ll craft a space that feels like yours. In this crazy world, that’s invaluable.

Start with your patio chair seat covers – they likely already need replacing. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need any additional guidance in choosing a color. We’re here to help!