Custom Cushion Covers: The Genesis

Fig Leaf Cushions Covers started out as simply our own clever solution to a problem our family faced living in the Pacific Northwest. During the winter it seldom got colder than 60 degrees but rained almost every day. Every year our expensive outdoor cushions became mildewed and faded. Our idea: just create new custom cushion covers for our existing cushions! It would not just save the money for brand new furniture, it would protect the environment by not just tossing out perfectly good synthetic cushions (which don’t easily decompose) in a landfill. Our Fig Leaf Cushion Covers are stylish, affordable and washable – saving resources, money, and making the world, in a small way, a better place.

custom cushion cover - candy crush

Developing Durable Outdoor Cushion Covers

The first iteration of cushion covers we designed wound up being overly complex, using a buckle system to keep them in place. With experimentation, we came up with an elastic, form-fitting cover design which was both simple, elegant, and also gave the option of quickly changing designs to suit any season or décor. Voila! We knew we had a product that could help anyone in America who owned outdoor furniture solve the same problem. And, as Fig Leaf Cushion Covers was being born as a company, we also decided that our custom cushion covers would be proudly manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Fig Leaf Cushion Covers will set the perfect mood for your outdoor parties & family get-togethers

Custom Cushion Cover Styles


Solid Colors

The solid colors can be mixed and matched with other styles to make your one of a kind style for your yard.


Stripes and Florals

These traditional styles will give you classic patterns that are bright and vibrant and will give your family joy all year round.


Modern Looks

These contemporary looks gives your outdoor furniture the feel of the time.  Perfect for your condo balcony or next to the pool.