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Protecting Your Outdoor Bench Cushions Effectively

outdoor bench cushions

Outdoor furniture is great for hanging out during spring and summer. Everyone’s outside relaxing and having a good time, so why should anyone have to deal with worn out bench cushions?

They shouldn’t have to. Protecting your outside cushions from the elements is quick and simple. You can make sure you never have to cancel an outing because of the weather again.

This guide exists to tell you some of the ways you can protect your outside cushions from disaster.

So pull up a seat, and read on, because, after today, you’ll almost never have to worry about damaged patio furniture again.

Cover up Your Bench Cushions

The most obvious and easy way to prolong the lifespan of your cushion covers is to cover them. Cushion covers are readily available in a lot of places. One of the best kinds of covers is vinyl.

Vinyl is an excellent material because it’s easy to clean and can be slow to fade. If you’re creative, you can even make your own vinyl cushions.

Another good way to preserve your deck cushions is to cover them in plastic. Plastic covers are especially great at keeping out moisture, which goes a long way in the fight against mildew.

Get Fade Resistant Cushions

Unfortunately, almost all deck cushions will start to fade at some point. All cushions will spend time outside, and most materials will fade in time.

Some fade slower than others, but fading cushions is almost inevitable. Unless of course, you’re willing to invest in the ultimate in outdoor furniture protection.

Sunbrella cushion covers are renowned for not fading, being water resistant, and don’t grow mildew easily. They’re also very durable and don’t damage easily.

The added cherry on top is that they’re machine washable, so you can just throw them in the washer, and they come out like new.

Just be careful not to damage them. And if you do, throw them out, because there’s evidence the stuff they’re made from can be dangerous.

Clean Cushions Regularly

No matter what cushions or cushion cover you get, you’ll always need to clean them.

If your cushions or covers aren’t machine washable, cleaning them is still a simple task. All you need is a soft brush or a dry white towel. Just brush the dirt off your cushion covers, and use a damp rag with detergent to scrub it.

You can also use a handheld vacuum to get rid of any dust hanging around your cushions. This works exceptionally well for suede.

If all else fails, there’s you can always use a carpet beater clean your cushions. Just make sure you read the labels on your cushion to clean them properly.

Use a Waterproof Sealant

Water getting in can wreak havoc on your cushions and cause them to develop mildew.

Cleaning mildew out of cushions can be tedious, and it’s better to just sidestep the problem altogether.

Waterproof sealants are excellent at keeping moisture out of your bench cushions.

They’re also especially useful if you live in a humid area where outside cushions are exposed to moisture a lot. You should re-apply the sealants every once in a while, as the effects aren’t permanent.

Keep Outside Cushions Away from Danger

Depending on the weather, outside cushions can take a lot of punishment. In the Pacific Northwest, for example, couch cushions can be subjected to rain, snow, and scorching heat.

In cases like these, it can be a lot better to put your deck cushions away. It’s unlikely you or any visitors will want to spend too much time outside anyway.

Your best bet is to spray them with sealant, then put them in plastic slipcovers. Once you’ve done that, cover them with a blanket to avoid sun damage. Then just store them in a dry area, like your garage.

Get Sunblock for Your Cushions

Yes, you read that correctly. There is sunblock for couch cushions. The sun is capable of damaging your cushions due to light degradation. These often double as water sealers and are easy to get at Home Depot.

Most important though is that they keep out all the excess UV rays from the sun.

These rays do a lot of damage over time and can cause your cushions to fade very quickly. These are especially useful in places like Florida, where it’s not only sunny constantly, but also humid.

Make Sure Cushions Are Held in Place

Sizing your cushions correctly makes a big difference. And not just for the aesthetics or comfort of you and your guests.

Keeping your cushions appropriately sized can help make sure they aren’t blown away by a stray gust of wind and lost. Or possibly blown onto the floor where they’ll make contact with dirt and bugs that live outside.

That’s a level of discomfort nobody needs in their life. So the best thing you can do is make sure that your deck cushions all fit correctly into your furniture.

You can also tie them down with velcro to make extra sure they stay in place. For help sizing up your cushions, check out this easy to use guide.

Cushion covers can change the dimensions of your cushion slightly, so it’s important to be sure they’ll still fit into your furniture.

Life with Safe Furniture

Once you follow these instructions, your patio is practically set for life. One of the few things that could disrupt your bench cushions will be gale-force winds.

Your friends and neighbors will be over so often you’ll be getting more invites to host cookouts than you can turn down. It’s important to remember that variety is the spice of life, and you should decorate your deck cushions when you can.

Check out our page for great deals and good materials for your cushion covers. One little cushion cover can make your patio the best one on the block.